See How This Young Girl Is Smoking Shisha Like A Professional

Who the hell gave this young girl this to smoke?! (Of course, the adults who are recording thevideo)…

but why the hell would they give shisha to smoke at such a tender age?!And from the way she’s puffing it, you can tell that it’s not her first time….

this is Child abuse atit’s peak though…

it’s just sad!



See what a 14yr old girl wore to her birthday party

According to the Twitter user who shared the photo and wished her Cousin Sada James a happy birthday, According to her her cousin sada is celebrating her 14th year Birthday.

Some sources are saying the Girl is older than 14 that she is 19

But is this even appropriate for a girl her age?

Ladies, See The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Wear Panties To Bed

Ladies do not wear Panties To Bed again! 18+

Dear ladies, except when you are having your monthly flow, you have no business wearing p*nts to bed. What reasons do doctors have for this ‘prescription’?

See them below:

*Physicians say the female geni-tal needs to ‘breathe’ in order to maintain its pH balance and prevent fungi and odour. So, going to bed without your p*nts on will aerate your nether region.

*Family Physician, Dr. Grace Obong, says during the day, women wear a variety of panties and tight outfits that hardly allow their privates to breathe. She says though it’s advisable and absolutely preferable to wear cotton panties, many women still opt for polyester panties, with the attendant heating up of the geni-tal area while the day lasts.

*For those who may not like to go to sleep without having p*nts on, Obong recommends wearing of boxers or pyjamas.

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Please Help! I Couldn’t Resist My Hot Aunt, Now I Have Impregnated Her

A man who could not resist his aunt because of her amazing body and the great s*x has landed in trouble after impregnating and secretly marrying her.

This is my story!

She came to my house all sad because my cousin left the house. My mom had to leave and my aunt decided to stay with me. So I comforted her and then out of no where she starts kissing me and my aunt is only 29. I kissed her back as well cause I mean she’s hot.

Then, she tells me she wants me.

That aroused me so hard. I grabbed her and got her n*ked. She unzips my pants and of course gives me head. I enjoyed it and we did have s*x but protected at the time.

Then she told me she wanted to marry me and even left her boyfriend (not my uncle they were divorced) and I left my house later that month and she bought me a ticket in another country.

We talked about it at her house in that country and we decided we were gonna have a kid of our own too and we were gonna get married .

That night we had s*x and it was amazing and it was unprotected and I did get her pregnant. We secretly got married a month later.

No one knew we were family. But, I don’t know if it was wrong of me and I’ve never told my parents about it. I love her a lot and she’s great and is caring and always supports me and she’s amazing because she gives me awesome s*x as well and never lacks on that. This isn’t a made up story cos I’m 19 now.

Must I tell my family about this affair? What do you think?

“I Have Changed Housemaids Four Times Because Of My Husband, He Still Sleeps With Them” (Must See)

Why i change my maids!! 18+ only


An unnamed woman has written to a relationship therapist, about her husband’s promiscuous nature.

According to her, her husband patronizes under-aged secondary school girls in Lagos and has also forced her to change housemaids severally.

This is not the husband I asked God for. Omo ale Oloriburuku of a nuisance. Skirt will kill him, obo lo ma pa e. Oba! Alapa ma si se oshi. Iyo leye e. Iyoooo lo ma pa e ku. Basturdd of a man. Am tired! Am tired! I cannot wait to take my children n move out to Europe. Am tired. Dear young girls of the world please don’t marry.


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How woman killed her husband on Christmas day

Shocking !!! 37year Old Christiana, kills Husband on Christmas Day

Mr and Mrs Ado’s eight children had looked forward with great expectation to celebrate the Christmas with pomp and pageantry, at least within their financial capacity. A week before Christmas, in their one-room apartment in Awori, Majidun area of Ikorodu, Lagos state, they had planned where they would visit.

Find photos below…..

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Court awards deaf, dumb N4m damages for assault


A Benin High Court presided over by Justice Alero Edodo-Eruaga has awarded the sum of N4million as general damages to a hearing impaired man, Mr. Kingsley Eromosele.

Mr. Eromosele had dragged the First Bank of Nigeria and two of its staff, Messers Jerry Osoleaso and Adetola Busari to court for damaging his car and assaulting him. He had asked the court to grant him N70,000 being cost for the repair of his car, N1m for his damaged vehicle, the sum of N10m for the assault, dehumanizing treatment, shock he suffered and the sum of N1m as Solicitors fees in respect of the proceedings.

Breaking: Diezani forfeits $153m to FG


Former Nigerian oil minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke temporarily forfeited $153.3 million to the Nigerian government today. This was sequel to an order by a Federal High Court in Lagos.
The seized money, according to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission was stolen from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and stashed in three banks in Nigeria, in US dollars and Naira.
Out of the loot, N23.4 billion was kept in Sterling Bank Plc. The sum of N9.08 billion was kept in First Bank Plc and $5m in Access Bank Plc.
Justice Muslim Hassan, who gave the order, gave Sterling Bank and any other interested party 14 days to appear before him to prove the legitimacy of the monies, failing which the funds would be permanently forfeited to the Federal Government of Nigeria.

https://i2.wp.com/d19lga30codh7.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Diezani2-300x182.jpgPetroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Maduekwe


The judge made the order in favour of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission which appeared before him today with an ex parte application seeking the temporary forfeiture of the funds.

In a nine-paragraph affidavit  by by EFCC investigator,  Moses Awolusi  and filed in support of the ex parte application,  the anti-graft agency discovered  how sometime in December 2014 Diezani invited a former Managing Director of Fidelity Bank Plc, Nnamdi Okonkwo, to her office. There  they hatched the plan of how  $153,310,000 would be moved from NNPC to Okonkwo to be saved for Diezani.

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